Tips to Apply a Winning Roulette System

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Here, we will discuss roulette system tips and determining which ones can help you beat the game. More information on winning in this casino game is available at

Winning in roulette is not a myth. Facts support that winning in this casino game can be done. In fact, history shows that there have been people who did this.

The man who was first known to beat the wheels was Joseph Jagger. In fact, the amount he made is quite by today’s standards. This feat has been followed by other roulette experts such as the Spanish Pelayo family and the Ritz them.

All of these people were able to beat roulette with a system that works. This means that winning roulette is dependent on the system that is being used. If your system is working then you would be able to beat the wheels and win. If not, you could walk away with lighter pockets.

Any person who wants to win in this game should know the best systems. Since we already know that some systems work, the next thing to do is to find which one would make you win.


Determining If You’re Roulette System Works

In a game of roulette, there are many things that you should look into. But, when you are planning to launch a strategy, you should learn how to differentiate one that works from one that doesn’t.

Based on data on roulette systems, those systems that worked are all backed by Physics. By the game itself, roulette relies on the wheel and the ball. The speed of these two would help you know what the results would be. By taking all of these into consideration, you can come up with a set of numbers where the ball will land.

The entire process seems to be hard to learn. But, once you get the grasp, you are well on your way to mastering the system. To help you out, these are the main factors that a working system should consider:

•    Using only real wheels in a game of roulette
•    Using physics to determine the wheel’s behavior
•    Making sector bets or an inside bet based on it

Except for the methods that are using physics for the player’s advantage, there are no other famous systems that could beat the wheel.

Although there are a lot of other systems that are getting much attention such as progression and using patterns, you should not rely on these. They may help you win for a game or two but your luck will be just as if you did not use any system. If it is a negative progression, you may stay longer on the game but you are not assured of getting better odds.


How Casinos Counter Roulette Systems

Anyone who plans to apply a roulette strategy should also be aware that casinos will do their best to deter experts from winning. For a fact, roulette is not too different from what it was years ago. But, casinos are well aware how potential players can beat the wheel.

Professionals should always be on the lookout to avoid detection. This is, in truth, a problem bigger than learning a system that works.

Although casinos cannot implement full measures so professionals can’t win because they will lose money from normal player, they can use some countermeasures. They will not allow late bets, for instance. Also, they can employ new methods to make sure that roulette spins are more random.

But, a foolproof way to prevent anyone from knowing where the ball will land with more accuracy has not been developed. A wheel that evades predictability is so hard to make.

Caution For Aspiring Roulette Experts

Beating roulette wheels can be done. But, it will require time and effort. You cannot expect yourself to be a natural in using your system. Many have failed in this aspect and you should give yourself room for failure.

Another thing is that even when you have a good strategy, you will not beat all wheels at all times. Many experts had to scour for the right condition and wheel to make their system work.

Although there are systems that can guide you in making a strategy that will make you win, developing your own would be good. Do something that has not been done before. This way, you can get results that could make you earn a fortune by just playing roulette.

It may take many tests before you perfect the system. Prepare for so much work ahead if you.

Which Method is the Fastest to Learn?

Among the systems that are known to work, the one that makes use of roulette computers is the favorite. This is also easy to learn even if you are new to roulette.

The biggest challenge is how to prevent casinos from knowing that you are using a computer. Although it is not illegal, you can be banned. You should take all the needed precaution for this.

As we all know, you can beat roulette but you have to be strategic about it. You should also consider all factors affecting the game.

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