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Posted by admin | slot games | Sunday 30 April 2017 7:11 am

In the whole of gambling games, slot machines are quite popular. Today, there are a number of slot machine games available to select from either online or offline. In addition to the regular slots, there are also video slots available with aspects like amazing graphics, five reels, and interesting themes etc. Apart from these, it is most importantly a self indulging game that makes players to ask for more in these games. It is one such gambling game that involves no tactics, counting of cards, estimations and listening to the dealer etc.

Slot machines vary not just in shape, but size and variety as well. Players can find them all right from the conventional mechanical one-armed bandits to the latest video slots. Especially, when it comes to types, the most common include:

1) Classic:

It is the oldest of all types, which was invented during the 19th century. This kind uses three spinning reels and one single pay line, which helps to decide who the winner is. Compared to the latest games, the classic slot is simple to play and allows for smaller bets.

2) Video:

Video slots are quite interesting and include certain elements that attract more players. Also popular as video bonus games, these have best quality video clips, sound effects and graphics. Gamers have the benefit of bonus cash, prizes and free spins.

3) Progressive:

Progressive slot machines are those, which come as a group of slots offering a huge prize. These slots eventually turn bigger when more money is put into them. From each wager, a small amount is taken and the final winner is awarded the total prize, who successfully makes the right combination.

From time to time, there have been a plenty of slot machine games introduced in the market. Most of the times, the old games get replaced by the latest ones as well. Hence, the latest slot machines games to check out this year include:


This game gives you the best gaming experience with excellent background and amazing animations on the reels. Look out for some big payouts during the game play that multiplies up to ten times besides giving you free spins.

2) Castle Builder:

It is a progressive, multilevel slot game with quite high standards compared to other slots, which come with the medieval theme. A player’s mission in the game is to construct the expensive castle with the help of valuable materials.

3) Cindereela:

It is another exciting game that must not be missed by avid casino players. Cindereela game comes with 5 reels and includes up to 10 pay lines. The game with a fairy tale theme, gives several free spins and bonuses.

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