Kinds of Video Poker Games Online

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Poker is one of the kinds of card games, which also includes skills, strategy and gambling components. Betting plays an essential role in all the variants of poker games. These games differ mainly based on the number of cards shared, hidden, and dealt. Apart from the regular poker, there are also video poker games, which are quite a hit among several players. It is during 1970s that video poker games started turning into reality. But by 1981, the game picked up quickly and became a great success. With this, more casinos have started filling their floors with video poker machines. Besides, major boost to these games happened through online casinos that allowed anyone to enjoy video poker from anywhere.

Kinds of Video Poker Games:

Talking about video poker games at, it has a lot of variations. Let us check out some of the top games that are widely played.

1) Jacks or Better:

Jacks or Better is one of the most common types of video poker games. In this type, players are paid out a ‘Pair of Jacks’ or anything better on any hand. The game does not allow use of wild cards or jokers.

2) Tens or Better:

In this variation, players are paid out when they hit other hands and a pair of tens. Balance is made to the extra winning hand with a small payout when they hit a full house.

3) Joker Poker:

In this game of Joker Poker, joker is used. With joker, it becomes easier for players to hit bigger hands. This again becomes much possible when player has a larger minimum hand to win like a pair of Kings. The Joker also makes it possible to hit ‘5 of a kind’, which indeed becomes an addition to the payout chart. Players can notice the difference between a ‘Natural Royal Flush’ and a ‘Joker Royal Flush’, where the former comes with higher payout.

4) Deuces Wild:

All the twos are wild in this variation. Usually, four wild cards are enough to improve the hand range. But to win the amount, players must have at least “three of a kind.” In the Deuces Wild, a player has just 1 in 15 chances to hit ‘4 of a kind’. Similar to Joker’s Wild, in this variation too, players can win ‘5 of a kind’. Besides, there is also a difference present between a natural and wild royal flush.

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