How Best to Pick the Right Numbers for Your EuroMillions Tickets

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When it comes to EuroMillions, a lot of people are understandably enthusiastic. This lottery, after all, is one of the biggest – if not the biggest – in Europe, and it has made instant millionaires of a number of lucky individuals. If you are serious about winning in the EuroMillions, however, you have to be careful with the numbers you choose. Here’s how best to pick the right numbers for your EuroMillions tickets.


Try not to be too sentimental


Many individuals have the tendency to pick numbers which have a sentimental meaning. This includes birthdays, anniversaries, and other numbers which are often limited to what is on the calendar (meaning, numbers below 31). Whilst this is a standard practice, try not to follow it too much. If you’re too sentimental in your number choices, you may only choose numbers below 31 (i.e. numbers in the calendar), and you are limiting your chances. What if, for example, numbers above 31 are chosen? Then you already lose. And even if you do win by choosing calendar numbers, you may have to share the prize with a lot more individuals simply because it’s a popular strategy.

One option is to choose numbers which still have a particular significance but which are not limited to calendar dates. This includes house numbers, telephone numbers, and the like. By doing this, you are not limiting your options but are still able to use numbers which mean something to you.


Avoid number patterns


Another popular strategy employed by many is the use of number patterns. Patterns such as 1 to 5, for instance, are incredibly popular. And although this can net you a win, you may have to share the win with a good number of people as well. The same is true for choosing neat and orderly patterns on payslips – if you can, choose an ‘ugly,’ disorganised pattern – something that not many people will opt for.

Number randomness


One thing you can do when selecting your numbers is to choose them entirely at random. By choosing random numbers, you can up your chances of winning, and win big as well. But there is a tiny problem with this method: even if you think that you are choosing at random, you might still be choosing numbers or patterns in a particular way, albeit unconsciously.


There is actually a two-in-one solution which you can take advantage of: joining a lottery syndicate. The e-LUK lottery is organised by a lottery syndicate organiser, e-LUK, which assigns you to a lottery syndicate for every draw. This already increases your chances because more numbers can be purchased. But you can also ask e-LUK to choose the numbers for you at random, and you can be assured that these numbers will really be chosen at random. Check out the e-LUK lottery review selection, and you’ll see the real benefits this type of service can bring. Good luck!

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